23 Desember 2010

How to save battery power?

Here some tips for you;
  •  Don't reset your phone if battery is low
  •  when power is low, make your conversation short. Use headset if you can. Dont activate speaker mode
  • Turn off unused connection when not in use, i.e. GPS, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, etc.
  • Turn off keyborad sound
  • Set a lower backlight timeout (in options - select screen/keyboard)
  • set a lower repeat animations (browser - options - general properties)
  • Use auto on/off (options)
  • Use single mode only, 2G or 3G (options - Mobile network)
  • Camera Setting, turn off falsh if not in use, set picture size to small, set color effect to normal, set picture quality to normal, and disable geotagging
  • Turn off profile LED
  • In weak or no coverage area, network scanning will drain your battery life. If you're an ara that is out of range, turn your BB's Radio (signal) off manually
  • Take out battery and clean it regularly
Hopefully useful :)

13 Desember 2010

How to reset (reboot) blackberry?

image by berryreporter.com
There are many ways to reset the blackberry. Here are some way:

1. pull out battery
  • turn off you blackberry
  • take off back cover pull out battery from device
  • at least 20 seconds you can put battery back
2. Key Combination
Press Alt-RightShif-Delete keys together

3. Via 3rd-Party applications
you can find it on appworld, and some of applications free of charge

FYI, Press and hold the power button, doesn't reset the phone. Its just turns the phone into sleeping mode.

12 Desember 2010

How To Change Ringtone?

Image by free-stuf-fmp3-ringtones.net
 Following this step
  • Start profile
  • select edit profiles (on older models select advance)
  • highligt a profile, push blackberry icon for menu, and select edit
  • highlight an application, select edit on menu. Select appropriate options before saving
 Your ringtones already change :)