30 April 2011

Free Call via Blackberry ?

Blackberry is not only sophisticated, but also can be used as a means of free calls!

But most BB users do not know this. Or perhaps know, but do not want to know. How to do? Try to follow the following ways
Note: make sure someone who would you call a user's blackberry as well.

1. Sign in to BBM
2. Highlight the contact to be called
3. press the BB button, select the voice notes
4. Record your voice, and then send.
5. Well, and you can call for free right? ;)

This is not trickery, voice notes can be used as calls are free. Although only a recorded voice. Moreover, if only call something that could be considered not important, such as more "where are you? With whom? What are you doing?", You can always take advantage of this free service:)
Well, good luck :D

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